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Abrams Towing is happy to lend a helping hand to many drivers, when they need it most. With a professional and responsive team that is always on call, we are proud to offer towing and roadside assistance throughout Halton region.

“The hottest day of the year my van died when I was visiting a friend in Burlington. I am a very nervous person, but within 10 mins of the call the tow truck was there, unfortunately I did not get his name, but he was very nice, calmed me down on the ride back to Mississauga and made my friend and I laugh. I'm extremely happy with the service, fast and friendly without a doubt. I would gladly use them again and would refer them to friends Thank you !!!”

by HEATHER CORKUM -- Mississauga

“I had my car parked in the underground parking garage in my apt building and it wouldn't start. I had some problems with it the day before so I called 6 towing companies in the area and explained my situation to them and that my car was stuck underground. All of the places I called told me they didn't have a truck that could fit under there and they couldn't help me. I then called Kerby's and a very nice lady answered the phone and told me she would send someone over right away to look and see what the problem was. Within 10 mins a guy (Jeff) arrived and came down stairs with me, he told me right from the start not to worry because he would help me get my car out of there no matter what. He tried boosting it but it didn't work so he helped me push my car to the ramp, he then went upstairs got into his truck and backed down the steep, curved, narrow ramp and towed my car out. I was very impressed with the way this company dealt with my situation and I can't thank them enough.”

by AMBER ADAMS -- Oakville

“THANK YOU for giving me the information about importing vehicles into Canada. Called for towing info & got SUPERIOR customer service. COMMENDABLE human being!”

by SIGI -- Haliburton, ON

““My wife had encountered vehicle difficulty. Within 10 mins of a phone call Abrams had arrived on scene. Not only was the driver professional and polite but actually did his best to rectify the car problem, which he did to an extent and saved us $$ as he got the car started so we could drive it to the shop. Excellent service and a great company, Abrams is on my fridge for emergencies =D.””

by JODI & CARL -- Burlington

“Great guys, Flatbed Willy and Mississauga John both at different times in one day went over and above to help me!! Thank You both so much!!”


“Blew a tire yesterday on QEW at Appleby, Called CAA and Kerby's flatbed arrived 5 min later. Driver (whose name I didn't get) got me, my wife, mother, plus our vehicle, off the hwy and into Canadian Tire in Burlington. Took me to several other tire centers because the wait time was 3 hrs to put on 2 new tires. He was very conscientious and concerned for my Mom because she's 83 and walks with a cane. Came to check on her a couple of times for coffee or a drink etc while we were waiting. Also stayed with me while I spoke to Cdn Tire rep to see if he could expedite my new tires. This gentleman certainly put service back into the "service factor”. Kerby's should be proud to have such a great employee representing their company and I'll be sure to recommend this service to my friends. Thanks again for an exceptional job.”

by ADRIAAN -- Mississauga

“I had a blowout at highway speed yesterday, and ended up needing a tow to St. Catharines, where I live. I had my two-year-old with me, and she was very distressed. When your driver Will arrived, he calmed her down by taking her to Tim Horton's for some timbits on the way. He was kind and courteous, and made the whole experience as good as it possibly could have been. VERY highly recommended.”

by STEVEN SCOTT -- St Catharines

“Had an accident yesterday and the gentleman from Kerby Towing was very kind. Allowed my dog and I to come with him to the CAA impound and then dropped me off at Tim Horton's where I could wait for a friend to pick me up. It was raining. And my husband was in the hospital. A very distressing situation and he took care of us. Unfortunately I didn't get his name. Thank you very, very much.”

by CHRISTINE -- Oakville

“Having a vehicle breakdown is distressing. When you get the great service as I did from a Kerby tow truck driver, it really cuts down the stress factor. My van's starter motor failed, and I had to get the van to the repair shop. This was Saturday 24 July on Kerns Rd. Very professional service: the tow truck operator was friendly, polite, just took care of the problem and towed my van to Stop'n Go on Industrial Road. This is the second time Kerby has rescued me from distressing situations. The first time was when my rear wheel on the van went into a manhole when construction workers had left the manhole cover off. Very distressing, and your fellows were polite, reassuring and professional. As was the Kerby tow truck driver who rescued me yesterday on Kerns Rd. Being a CAA member is my lifeline. Thanks again to your tow truck operator. You may forward this note to the CAA if you wish.”

by CAROLYN -- Burlington

“Your driver took the time to listen to our problem, not just hook us up for a quick tow. Not only that, but he persevered until he fixed the car on the spot and we drove away instead of being towed. Hats off to my driver and a company that is willing to go the extra mile!”

by RAY EDWARDS -- Paris

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Kerby’s Towing, Burlington, Ontario

Kerby’s Towing, Burlington, Ontario

Kerby’s Towing, Burlington, Ontario

Kerby’s Towing, Burlington, Ontario

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